EarStudio ES100 Bluetooth Receiver Headphone Amplifier DAC Review

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408 Views 5 On 2 Ratings Rate it

Today we are bringing you an Ear Studio ES100 Bluetooth Reciever headphone amplifier DAC review.  We have really enjoyed this little gem of audio gear so far.  For its size and portability, we do not think there is anything on the market that can touch it.  The EarStudio ES100 packs in the features and brings some things to the table that we didn’t know was even a thing in a Bluetooth headphone amplifier.  It has:

  1. Total portability with plenty of power for a headphone amplifier.
  2. High-quality Bluetooth 5.0 with a sound that can compete with wired DACs.
  3. Global parametric EQ with the iPhone OS.
  4. Stereo and balanced ports for total freedom.
  5. USB and Bluetooth DAC functionality.
  6. A price that doesn’t break the bank.
  7. Handsfree functionality for headphones with no microphone with the ambient sound function that allows you to listen to the audio while still being able to hear whats going on around you. This headphone amplifier does it all.
EarStudio ES100 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier DAC

The size of this powerful dual DAC, Dual amplifier balanced headphone amplifier is really what makes it shine.

The EarStudio has it all and then some.  It has been so nice to listen to balanced output with crystal clear audio with no noise.   I think I am ruined for life.  I will never be able to go back to listening to music the old way.  It’s high fidelity audiophile quality or nothing.  This headphone amplifier will have you spoiled as well.  The price may seem steep for such a tiny piece of equipment but after you understand what all it does you will think it is underpriced.

There has never been a Headphone amplifier that packs the number of features that the EarStudio ES100 has in such a small package. -It is really an incredible piece of tech that deserves a lot more attention.

We hope you enjoy our review and tutorial on the EarStudio ES100 and we hope you experience it first hand.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a high-quality pair of headphones and give this thing a try.  We think you will love it as much as we do.

Don’t forget to check out our reviews of the headphones and cable we paired with the EarStudio ES100. And please like and subscribe to our youtube channel.  We are a new channel and it means so much to be able to bring you updates on our progress.

408 Views 5 On 2 Ratings Rate it


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