Emporia VUE Energy Monitor Installation/Review. Lower Power Bills

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Emporia VUE energy monitor round two;  We did an installation as well as a review on the power meter to show you how to save money on your power bill.  Previously we unboxed this fantastic power monitor and told our audience a bit about what it did.  In this episode, we installed this energy meter and broke it down in depth.  We wanted to cover several things in this review.

  1. We wanted to give an example of a real-world installation in less than perfect conditions that would help the reader.  Not everyone will be putting this power meter into ideal circumstances.
  2. Also, we wanted to show that installing this kind of energy meter can be hazardous, so we wanted to stress that. The installation should be left to people comfortable and experienced with residential electricity.
  3. Our intent was to conduct an experiment with the Emporia VUE that would bring awareness to the amount of power household items use. We wanted you, the reader, to understand a bit more about where your money goes when power isn’t utilized properly. spreadsheet of our experiment when we did our review on the Emporia Vue energy monitor and how we now save money on our power bill This spreadsheet is a little peek into the experiment we conducted.  With the stuff we use all the time around the Wreck it or Tech it studio.
  4. Last but definitely not least, we wanted to save you money on your power bill.  We feel like this product is a no brainer for any of our readers.  We feel good about supporting it, and we think that there is no way anyone would have buyer’s remorse with something that is so practical and pays for itself so quickly.

In fact, at the time of making this review, my energy meter has paid for itself, and I now save money on my power bill with nothing but this power meter and awareness.  It only took me a month, but I was a terrible example of an electricity hog.  This unit has changed my habits for good!

I make a habit of checking my Emporia VUE app a few times a day.  This energy monitor will have you doing math in your head all day with real numbers instead of guesses.  I now know that I have wasted a small fortune on wasted electrical bills.

I have never been as environmentally conscious of a person as I should have been, I admit that.  However, with this energy monitor, I am aware of every drop of electricity wasted.  This has totally changed my habits.  This is not just a review, it is a testimonial!

For those of you that saw our previous video on the Emporia VUE or read our last blog post on this power meter,  We are glad you are back.  For the new readers, we are delighted to see you as well, and we hope to see you again.  It is our hope that this example installation and our thorough review, along with our real-world experiment, teach you all something that will enrich your life.  Starting with your pocketbooks by way of lowering your bill starting immediately. We know you like to save money.  So start now!

We hope you enjoy our video.  We haven’t been doing this long at all, and your support means a lot to us.  If you want to become aware of your power usage and you think this energy monitor is something that would save you money on your power bill, which it will…..  Then please click on our link and grab an Emporia VUE for your home.  You won’t regret it.  It will probably be one of the best financial decisions you make today.

The $50 basic model is all you need, but if you want more detailed data, get the $100 kit.  We explain the difference in our video.  Watch it all the way through.  We made this review for you!

And please subscribe to our youtube channel.  our little channel is trying to grow, and we can’t do it without support.  We need you guys and we hope that you will feel a need for us as well.  We cant wait to see how we can help you all find the tech that will make you happy and in this case, help you keep some of your hard-earned money.



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