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So here is a home energy monitoring system, also known as an energy meter, to help save money on your power bill called the Emporia VUE.  For our first post, we wanted to review a product that would give our readers a good value. This energy meter does just that. The Emporia VUE is a home energy monitoring system that doesn't break the bank and truly saves money on your power bill.

The model in this video is only $99.99  at Amazon.com at the time of this post.  The basic model comes in at $49.99.

Emporia VUE energy meter and home energy monitoring system

What does it do?

  • The Emporia VUE is an energy meter that saves money on your power bill.

Want to save money on your power bill?  Of course you do. Here is why.

  • The Emporia VUE energy meter is one of the best ways to put some of that money back in your pocket. Money that you have been wasting for years and not realizing it.
  • The Emporium VUE lets you know what is costing you the most power and how much that is in real dollars.
  • You become informed so you can make better energy choices. Then your power bill will get smaller and smaller.
  • This is one purchase that pays for itself and then it will start paying you.

I did not expect to make this home energy monitoring system my first post here. However, this system has reduced my power bill so much already that it compelled me to post it for our readers immediately. There is nothing better I could do for my audience than to start off saving them money.

If you guys have any ideas for future reviews don't hesitate to contact us and give us a suggestion or two. I am currently working on the installation tutorial video for the Emporia VUE. Make sure and like and subscribe to my Youtube channel or check back here so you will be notified when it is released.  I will also have a more detailed review of this energy meter.  We are excited about this new vlog and are looking forward to bringing our readers information on tech gear. We hope it will help you make more informed decisions on what you purchase.


244 Views 0 Ratings Rate it


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