In Ear Monitors Audiophile Quality Headphones KBEAR BA-10

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So I got my hands on some Yinyoo KBEAR BA-10 in-ear monitors recently and they are truly audiophile quality headphones. I am no expert on headphones but that is not to say I haven't seen my fair share of them.  Over the years I have gone through countless pairs of headphones and they all have a few things in common.

  1. To get audiophile quality headphones you normally had to break the bank.
  2. They all die eventually because headphones are just fragile. Especially the cord at the stress points.
  3. The quality is hardly ever as good as your expectations. Either the range or the volume is problematic in most cases.  Or both for that matter.
  4. The comfort level isn't what you would expect.
  5. In the case of in-ear headphones, they may just not fit in your ear well.

Well the Yinyoo KBEAR BA-10 in-ear monitors impressed me out of the box.  Before I made this purchase I did take the time to do my research.  One night while scouring the internet they just magically popped up in my feed from an Amazon ad.  Once again Amazon told me exactly what I wanted when I didn't even realize it.  Well kind of.  They actually showed me the KZ ZS10 PRO but after doing a bunch of reading I ended up choosing the Yinyoo KBEAR BA-10.

Here is a link to the two models of in-ear monitors I debated on.  I am curious about what the cheaper ones would have sounded like.  It may have a little extra bass response.  If anyone chooses that one please let me know what you think with a comment.  I may end up purchasing one in the future just to do a side by side comparison between these in-ear monitors. I also bought an upgraded cable to go with them I will be reviewing soon as well.

Spoiler alert: it really makes these already audio quality headphones sound better.  A review of that is on the way very soon so stay tuned. Click the spoiler pic below for a link to the upgraded cord and one of our soon to be reviewed pieces of tech attached if you want a sneak peek.  As always we hope you enjoy the review and the information.  We will be back soon with more.  Don't forget to check out our previous post on the Emporia VUE Home Energy Monitor.  It is the kind of thing you cannot afford to not have.

In Ear Monitors Audiophile Quality Headphones Yinyoo KBEAR BA-10

My Yinyoo KBEAR KB-10 in-ear monitors with upgrades. reviews coming soon.


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