KBEAR BA10 Better 16 Core upgrade cable headphones

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The Better upgraded 2.5 mm 16 Core C-Pin cable for Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 headphones seems to bring a noticeable improvement in quality.  I had never heard of the brand name "Better" personally. But after our initial review of the Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 headset, we were anxious to bring you an update on these in-ear monitors, IEM for short. We were, unfortunately still waiting on our 16 core balanced cable to arrive. Well, here it is.

KBEAR KB10 Better 16 Core upgrade cable beside original cable and ES100 headphone amp attached.

The wire feels very nice in the hands compared with the one supplied with the Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 headphones.  The Better brand wires secret is the 16 core of wire that it squeezes into the 2.5mm balanced cable.  They manage to keep it silky and supple when held in the hand.  The noticeable increase in quality is no illusion.  I heard the difference in the lows immediately but I also think there are a little richer mids as well. I am usually skeptical in upgraded cables so this was a pleasant surprise.

Keep in mind.  These headphone upgrade/replacement cables come in many sizes, but the 2.5mm balanced are specific for balanced DAC hardware.  The Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 is silent with no noticeable noise when it is driven by separate DACs and amps that do not share a common ground.  People are always asking me where I got these Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 IEMs.  I ended up pairing them with an Ear Studio ES100 Bluetooth headphone amplifier.  This is the perfect Bluetooth amplifier for any headset. The ES100 shines because of the balanced 2.5mm jack the Yinyoo KBEAR KB10 has.

I don't see me putting down this little gem for a long time.  If you want an awesome upgraded cable for any of your C-Pin earphones I would say that this 16 core upgrade cable would be a great choice. The Ear Studio headphone amplifier that I use with this Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 will be our next review so stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for the updated review.

The one con I would say about this 16 core balanced upgrade headphone cable would be that the original had nice molded heat shrink that hugged your ears. I wish that they would have added that on to make this the perfect choice.  Overall I love this setup and I think it will serve me as a great set of Yinyoo KBEAR BA10 upgraded cables for many years to come.

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